Medical coding is one of the vital processes in Healthcare revenue cycle management, converting all medical notes provided by healthcare providers like hospitals, physicians and ambulatory surgical centers into precise medical codes. All diagnosis and treatments provided are converted into ICD (International Classification of Diseases), CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) and Healthcare common procedural coding system (HCPCS) codes. Medical coders read and analyze the medical records in detail to list out the medical conditions and procedures performed. Data documentation and management is the key part of healthcare process.

International classification of diseases is published by World health organization and now it has reached its 10th edition. ICD was basically introduced to monitor and maintain a classification to diseases. This system has been very useful to map and categorize diseases based on its generic characters. United States has been using ICD-9 codes for many years and now implemented ICD-10 codes effective from Oct 1st 2015 into their healthcare processes.

Medical coding involves good understanding of anatomy and physiology. It involves intensive understanding of the medical specialty and good analysis of reviewing all the medical documentations like transcribed reports, lab notes etc. Itís also important for a coder to utilize their education and training in practice while reviewing the records. Medical coding outsourcing plays a significant role in overall revenue cycle management. Accurate coding determines faster reimbursements thus avoids low pay or no pay and helps to get paid optimally. Correct coding reduces the compliance risk for the healthcare providers and medical facilities.

Medical billing outsourcing companies understands the challenges that medical providers face every day. Their aim is to provide superior medical coding service that allows you to focus on your patient care.