Medical Coders

Medical coders are basically CPC certified professionals in US healthcare coding process. Medical coders review patient charts and medical records to assign specific codes for the medical treatment provided by the physician. Medical coders ensure healthcare providers get faster reimbursed appropriately for the services provided. Medical coders need to be very precise and accurate in identifying the correct level of services provided to the patients.


If medical coders miss out any few services provided, then healthcare providers lose money consistently. So it is most important for the coders to capture all services during their coding evolution process. This makes the job of the medical coder very significant in overall revenue cycle management. This is why healthcare providers prefer to work with certified professional coders. It is also highly important for the coder to know each physicians specialty well.


Medical coders should also be well versed in coding guideline requirements of federal, state and commercial insurances. They need to understand what type of coding guidelines are provided and accepted by these payers. Their ability to choose the correct codes based on insurance reduces denials and increases timely reimbursements.


Medical coders usually work from healthcare facilities or remotely from different locations. Medical coders need to get trained continuously in order to stay consistent with all the changes happening in the healthcare industry. Medical coders are basically from a medical background with strong knowledge in human anatomy, physiology and medical terminologies. Certified coders need to have the skill to look for information in great detail and should be comfortable in using computers, coding software and other tools to perform their job effectively. Their services to the physicians are most significant by saving their money and time. Incorrect coding can result in lot of liability issues, so it is very important for the medical coding companies to be insured. Many companies have errors and omission insurances for at least few million dollars. The need for proficient medical coders has always been on the rise. In present changing healthcare environment and ICD-10 implementation has become more important for the coding to be handled by certified medical coders.