Medical Coding Offshore

Offshore medical coding services help healthcare providers in many ways. They provide accurate and efficient medical coding. Their ability to code to highest specificity reduces denials and increase revenues. Medical coding offshore services are provided by certified medical coders, who are skilled and committed. Many medical coding offshore companies provide sample coding work to prove their quality of services.


Medical coding offshore companies provide service level guarantees with highest productivity levels. They maintain consistent quality with ability to scale up quickly based on requirement. Their cost effective solutions utilizing advanced coding tools help the entire coding process. They have the ability to code from hardcopies and electronic medical records. Coding process involves many issues, one common problem is to read and understand the handwritten diagnosis and codes.


Medical coding offshore companies help providers to derive and draft their specialty super-bills. They clearly list the commonly used diagnosis and procedure codes by the provider. They also help to update existing super-bills / charge sheets with latest codes and remove invalid codes. Medical coding offshore companies are very cautious about security and work hard to maintain confidentiality.


In medical coding, understanding the payer and specialty requirements plays a very significant role. Each physician has their own way of handling their practice’s documentation. It is important for the coder to get physician focused training on their documentation. Also knowing Medicare, Medicaid, Medi-cal and their payer specific guidelines makes the difference between a denial and reimbursement.


Few medical coding offshore companies even recruit physicians to provide coding services. This helps them to increase their accuracy levels and deliver with good domain experience. Offshore coders are provided with comprehensive trainings and are involved in continuous educational training. All reports are coded accurately and delivered within a turnaround time of 24-48 hours.


Offshore medical coding workflow involves:


• Securely accessing of medical records through Secured File Transfer Protocol & Virtual Private Network.
• Analyzing and assigning diagnosis and procedure codes to each report
• Systematic auditing of coded files
• Delivering back to clients in customized reports.


Offshore medical coding has become a common activity in many practices, which helps them to improve efficiency and increase revenues cost effectively.