Medical Coding Outsourcing Companies

Our existing clients find our medical coding services to be reasonable in comparison with the other medical coding outsourcing companies offering similar grade of services in the insurance healthcare sector of USA. Keeping in view the specific needs of our clients, we have flexible service offers to suit their specific needs.

Our outsourcing company has the latest software to fully integrate the medical codes seamlessly. We too provide easy migration of data/information of rendered services by our healthcare service providers for eventual input at our end for appropriate coding.

Our coders are HIPPA trained to ensure adequate privacy to the patients and others connected to the insurance driven healthcare regimen and to protect their identities.

Our clients are sure of confidentiality and security of information or data/information, as per the standard recommendations. Through our in-house audit and reviews, we make it sure that there is no breach in the privacy and security of the data/information handled by us for medical coding.

As a an outsourcing agency operating side by side with other medical coding outsourcing companies, we ensure shorter  turnaround time for the reimbursement of the medical bills of our clients, built upon the coding backbone by our experts. Invariable medical bills based on our coding are paid faster being complete and error free.

As the coding services outsourced to us result in quick settlements and higher profitability for our clients, over the years we have seen an increase in our client base. New clients nay contact us for availing our efficient medical coding services at fraction of the cost that they are spending by running the coding facilities locally. By delegating the tasks of medical coding to us our clients who dispense healthcare services to/for the patients would be able to accrue more professional time revenue.