Medical Coding Services

Medical coding plays a significant role in overall revenue cycle management. Increasing medical coding costs and ICD-10 implementation deadlines has made is more important for the healthcare providers to get good medical coding services. Incorrect coding not only wastes time and money but also increases compliance risk. A good medical coding service should be able to provide accurate coding with transparency.


An exceptional medical coding service should include a combination of domain experience and ability to use advanced technological tools. It should be simple, transparent, accurate, highly productive and efficient. It should have a seamless workflow integrating coding tools and specialty based approach. One of the retrospective costs in coding is audit. An efficient medical coding service should be able to code accurately consistently. This reduces and eliminates audit expenses.


Medical coding services should have the ability to reduce denials and optimize reimbursements. It should improve profitability, efficiency and cash flow. A good medical coding company should have the ability to provide on-site and off-site coding. It should have the ability to handle full time or long time coding project. It should also have the flexibility to ramp up quickly to take up short term high volume projects.


Medical coders should clearly analyze and verify all the medical documents. Ability to code to the highest specificity is the key requirement for medical coders. Their ability to understand the medical specialties and type of procedures is very vital for accurate coding. In some cases, speedy clearance of backlogs is absolutely necessary so having right attitude and work ethics is compulsory. The need for experienced certified coders has increased drastically. Organizations like AAPC, AHIMA provide quality medical coding training. They have different systematic medical coding programs designed for physician coding and hospital coding. These organizations also provide certification to coders who successfully pass/complete the course.


Medical coding companies are gearing up now to be prepared to implement ICD-10 codes in their process. Medical coders are being trained rigorously to keep up with the implementation deadlines. Overall good medical coding services helps providers to save money, time and provide them peace of mind.